About Me

Hi! I’m Regina . Thanks for stopping by.

Growing up in Germany was an Adventure on its own. The mountains, the meadows, the beautiful landscapes everywhere you looked. It was breathtaking and I was a Dreamer…a dreamer of freedom, of independents. I used to sit in the meadows and let my mind wonder..paint my dream in my mind.. paint my future of independents…far away…

My Mom was an entrepreneur, she had her independents…kind of…she was on the road a lot making her deliveries and get new customers the same time. She always was there for us kids but yet she was always busy. I knew I wanted to do something like that but not be chained down like she was.

I came to the United States when I was 18, I had to grow up fast, I had numerous jobs to survive, but no independents. Then my son came along and I needed steady income… I started working at a factory for a paycheck…

One day after many years working in this manufacturing plant I came home from work, I saw this young man standing in my hallway. It surprised me at first but I realized how much time had passed by.  How much time I had wasted of precious moments we could have had, of chances of freedom I missed….I reflected on my dreams of independents….

I had to do something quick before it was too late, something had to change.

I found another job at a resort, less hours, more traffic and more stress to get there and working every weekend, every holiday…that was not what I was looking for. And again, time flew by until one day in my cubical I saw in the corner of my eye this little ad pop up

It caught my attention, there was a family in a backyard, having a nice family get together, a nice Bar-B-Q, beautiful blue skies, green grass, they were laughing and having a wonderful time. Children of all ages playing, I thought about how much I had missed my son all these years.

I wanted to be there, feel the grass, smell the aroma of the Bar-B-Q, I wanted it to be me and my family making precious memories on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, but here I am in my office cubical at my computer.

Underneath the ad it said.

If you could work on your own computer from anywhere, would you do it watch this video

With this picture, my desire to be there and not at my cubical, I knew my time had come.

I clicked the video link and my whole life changed, everything started making sense.

Now I have time with my son, my family, we have our Bar-B-Q’s in our backyard on Sunday afternoon, I smell the aroma of what we are cooking on the grill, I feel the grass under my bare feet. We are the laughing family in the picture. We can go on trips together, I work when I want to, I don’t have to worry about traffic or a boss breathing behind me.

No alarm clock, no stress. Just enjoyment, relaxation and planning new adventures.

I now consult people from all over the world, I help them to leverage a done-for-you system to become financially free, help them to make their dreams a reality. If you would like to have cubical freedom, more time with your family and have more opportunities to make precious memories, go to the ballgames or school play’s…  connect with me….let’s talk…Let’s get your Freedom Back…